Melksham Without Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council

Community Groups and Village Halls

This page can be used to find details of local groups and village halls in the Parish.

Please note that the views expressed in the documents on this page are the views of the individual groups and committees and not necessarily those of the Parish Council.


Bowerhill Residents Action Group (BRAG)

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BRAG Committee Members 

BRAG Constitution

BRAG Meeting Minutes - July 2015

BRAG Meeting Minutes - Sept 2015

BRAG Meeting Minutes - Nov 2016

BRAG Meeting Minutes - March 2017

BRAG Meeting Minutes- November 2017

BRAG Meeting Minutes- March 2020

BRAG Meeting Minutes - February 2021

BRAG Meeting Minutes - March 2021

BRAG Meeting Minutes - April 2021

BRAG Meeting Minutes - May 2021

BRAG Meeting Minutes - August 2021

BRAG Meeting Minutes - February 2022

BRAG Meeting Minutes - May - 2022

BRAG July 2020 Newsletter

BRAG September 2020 Newsletter

RAG AGM Reports July 2020

BRAG AGM Reports 20/21

Bowerhill Village Hall

Bowerhill Village Hall Meeting Minutes - Nov 2016

Bowerhill Village Hall Meeting Minutes- Jan 2017

 Berryfield and Semington Road Residents Action Group (BASRAG)

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BASRAG Meeting Minutes - Sept 2014

BASRAG Meeting  minutes - Nov 2014 


Community Action - Whitley & Shaw (CAWS)

An action group has now been formed that all members of the villages of Shaw & Whitley are automatically members of. For more information, please contact the Chairman, Peter Richardson by email on: . The new group have lots of fresh ideas and have already been seen out and about litter picking.

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CAWS Constitution

CAWS Meeting minutes - 27.05.15

CAWS Meeting minutes - 06.10.15

CAWS Community Emergency Group Meeting  - 28.07.16

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 25.08.16

CAWS Meeting Minutes- 26.10.16

CAWS Meeting Minutes- 29.03.17

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 22.05.17

CAWS Meeting Minutes- 16.01.18

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 02/03/2021

CAWS AGM Minutes 18.05.21

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 22/06/2021

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 20/07/2021

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 14/09/2021

CAWS Meeting Minutes - 19/10/2021

CAWS Meeting Minutes- 19/01/2022

CAWS Meeting - 02/03/2022

CAWS Meeting - 04/04/2022

CAWS Meeting - 14/06/2022

CAWS AGM Meeting - 21/06/2022

CAWS Chair's Report - June 2022

Platinum Jubilee Fete Report June 2022

CAWS Meeting - 28/07/2022 

CAWS Meeting - 07/09/2022

CAWS Meeting - 11/01/2023

CAWS Chair's Report - 11/01/2023

CAWS - Speedwatch Update 11/01/2023

CAWS Meeting - 03/05/2023

Whitley Reading Rooms 

Whitley Reading Rooms Committee Meeting Minutes-01/10/16 

Whitley Reading Rooms Committee Meeting Minutes-25/07/17

Whitley Reading Rooms Committee Meeting Minutes-24/07/18

Whitley Reading Rooms Committee Meeting Minutes-23/10/18

Friends of Shurhold Fields

Friends of Shurnhold Fields Meeting Minutes- 8/10/18

Friends of Shurnhold Fields Constitution

Friends of Shurnhold Fields-27/06/19


Connect Meeting - 07/11/22