Melksham Without Parish Council
Melksham Without Parish Council

Councillors and Representatives

The Council has thirteen members who serve the community voluntarily. Together all councillors have collective responsibility for Parish Council management. The Council is elected every four years. If you would like to get in touch with your local councillor then please use their email address below, if you would prefer to ring or write a letter to them please contact the office on 01225 705700 or email for their details.

Register of Interests
All Members of Town and Parish Councils must register their personal interests in Wiltshire Council's Register of Interest and Gifts and Hospitality. As a member of the public you can view your parish councillor's registered interests. Click here

Council Chair & Vice-Chair
John Glover (Council Chair)

David Pafford (Council Vice Chair)

Berryfield Ward

Beanacre, Shaw, Whitley and Blackmore Ward

Bowerhill Ward

Council Representatives
The Council appoints councillor representatives annually to serve on local organisations, as follows:

 Age Friendly Melksham John Doel
 Berryfield & Semington Road Action Group (BASRAG) Richard Wood
 Berryfield Village Hall (existing) Shona Holt
 Bowerhill Residents Action Group (BRAG) Rob Hoyle
 Bowerhill Village Hall Trust Andy Russell
 Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) VACANCY
 Climate Friendly John Doel
 Community Action Whitley & Shaw (CAWS) Peter Richardson
 Dementia Action Alliance Robert Shea-Simonds
 Market Place Toilet Joint Venture Alan Baines & John Glover
 Melksham Area Board John Glover & David Pafford
 Melksham ATC Andy Russell
 Melksham Chamber Rob Hoyle
 Melksham Charities Robert Shea-Simonds + John Doel
 Melksham Community Area Transport Group Alan Baines
 Melksham Hospital & Community Robert Shea-Simonds
 Melksham Joint Health Forum John Glover
 Melksham Joint Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group John Glover & David Pafford (Alan Baines & Richard Wood reserves)
 Melksham Oak Community School Governor David Pafford
 Melksham Transport Users Group Mark Harris
 Operational Flooding Working Group Alan Baines
 Parish Highways & Street Scene Rep Parish Officer
 Police/PCSO Liaison Council Officers
 Press Representative Clerk - Teresa Strange
 Shaw Hall Management Committee Stefano Patacchiola
 WALC (Wiltshire Association of Local Councils) Rob Hoyle
 Whitley Reading Rooms VACANCY
 Wilts & Berks Canal Partnership Mark Harris

Footpath Representatives
There are footpath representatives for each area of the parish:

 Beanacre Terry Chivers
 Berryfield Richard Wood
 Bowerhill, Redstocks and The Spa John Glover & VACANCY
 Sandridge & Blackmore Alan Baines
 Shaw & Whitley Stefano Patacchiola & Terry Chivers