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Melksham Without Parish Council
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Play Areas and MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)

Melksham Without Parish Council currently manage and maintain six play areas around the parish as well as some MUGAs

These are as follows:

Beanacre Play Area

*Berryfield Play Area

Whitworth Play Area

Hornchurch Road Play Area & MUGA

*Kestrel Court Play Area & half MUGA

Shaw Play Area & MUGA

Bowerhill Sports Field basketball court

*Both Berryfield and Kestrel Court Play Areas are leased by the parish council from Wiltshire Council but the parish council are looking to take over the freehold of both of these play areas shortly.

The parish council inspects these play areas and MUGAs once a week to ensure that they are in good repair and are clean and tidy.

To report any problems with the above play areas or MUGAs, please contact the parish council on: 01225 705700 (during office hours), or if there is an urgent matter outside of office hours, please contact our out of hours number on: 07341 474234 (please ring, not text, as it is diverted to a staff member).

Please see below for details of all of the parish council's play areas and MUGAs:

Beanacre Play Area (Beanacre, Melksham SN12 7PT) (What 3 Words ///deals.unfocused.rocky)

Beanacre Play Area


Berryfield Play Area (Berryfield Park, Berryfield, SN12 6EE) (What 3 Words ///executive.moped.dripped)

Berryfield Play Area


Whitworth Play Area (Smeaton Way, Berryfield, SN12 6GG) (What 3 words ///poppy.drags.giggles)

Whitworth Play Area


Hornchurch Road Play Area (Bowerhill, Melksham SN12 6QS) (What 3 Words ///napkins.comet.snowboard)

Hornchurch Road Play Area


Kestrel Court Play Area (Bowerhill, Melksham SN12 6SJ) (What 3 Words ///veto.films.salary)

Kestrel Court Play Area


Shaw Play Area (The Beeches, Shaw, Melksham SN12 8EW) (What 3 Words ///incurring.remind.tape)

Shaw Play Area


MUGAs (Multi Use Games Areas)

Hornchurch Road MUGA (What 3 Words ///household.large.wreck)

Hornchurch Road MUGA


Kestrel Court half MUGA (What 3 Words ///hacking.nitrate.elections)

Kestrel Court half MUGA


Shaw MUGA (What 3 Words ///hats.stealing.excavate)



Bowerhill Sports Pavilion Basketball Court (What 3 Words ///sends.scrambles.lectures)

Bowerhill Sports Pavilion Basketball Court