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Accounts, Audit, Budget  & Compliance to Transparency Code

Annual Reports 2019/20

To view the Notice of conclusion of Audit and the Annual Governance Statement, Accounting Statement and the External Auditor Certificate and report for the year ending 31st March 2020 click here. For the council's Year End Accounts click here and for a report on its compliance to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015 click here

Details of the Council's income and expenditure of Solar Farm Community Funding and CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) are included as a separate statement in the published Year End Accounts.   The parish council publishes all income and expenditure as an appendix to it's Full Council meeting minutes (published monthy on it's website) and so therefore does not publish a separate list of expenditure over £500.

Budget 2019/20 

Melksham Without Parish Council set its Precept at its Full Council meeting held on Monday 21st January 2019. The Council agreed to set its Precept – the proportion of Council Tax paid to the Parish Council -  at £201,108.10 for the 2019/20 financial year, which is a rise of £11,016.36 (0.96%) on last year’s Precept.  This means that the average Band D household will contribute £75.69 to Melksham Without Parish Council, a rise of 72p on last year, which is a 1% rise. Band D properties are used as a measure of the national average, and some households will see a smaller or bigger increase, based on their Band rating for Council Tax.
The Council had taken on a lot of additional responsibility in the last few years (Wiltshire Council play areas, cleaning of bus shelters including those of Wiltshire Council, supporting public toilets in town and the decision to take on the ex George Ward playing fields, now known as Shurnhold Field, in a joint project with the Town Council).
The Parish Council will receive additional funding from the Government’s CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) scheme which is a levy directly on new housing developments in the parish.  The Council when Budget Setting have not put money into Reserves for future projects that could be paid for from CIL, and will look to use the CIL funding for a variety of infrastructure projects including the development and kitting out of a new village hall in Berryfield in association with the approved planning application of 150 houses in Land to the east of Semington Road and a new Community Centre in association with the approved planning application for 450 houses in Land to the east of Spa Road.
A copy of the Minutes of the Parish Council’s Finance Committee meeting when the Budget and Precept were discussed is available to view on the Council’s website here or a copy can be obtained from the office at Sports Pavilion, Westinghouse Way, Bowerhill, Melksham, SN12 6TL during the public opening hours of Monday to Thursday 10-12 and 2-4pm.

2019/20 Budget

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